Building on BIM focuses on both established and emerging technology over the lifecycle of our built world. From understanding what BIM is truly about and why it’s the foundation of this change to strategic overviews of smart cities, augmented reality, industrialized construction, and more. This is empowering you to understand each piece and how it fits into the future of digital design, construction and operations. Whether you are an owner, contractor, architect or just someone interested in the technology in the building industry, we have something for you. 

While I called this channel Building on BIM, this is not just about Building Information Modelling or the software that many people use to author it (Revit). But I believe that as the industry has migrated from CAD to BIM, that BIM laid out the foundations that these other technologies leverage or evolved from. Hence we are Building on BIM. 

I want to be clear, I am not here to teach you software or to sell the latest fancy gadgets. This is more of a masterclass. I’ve been a BIM Manager, Design Technology Manager, and Leader of Digital Innovation and in these roles while I’ve had to dig into the weeds and get my hands dirty, my best skills have been taking technology and getting my staff, my leadership, and our clients to understand it. 

This is what this channel is about. To help you to understand it. What is it? How does it fit into our industry? And in particular, why is it important? And my goal is not to impress you with some techno-jargon that actually leaves you feeling bewildered or belittled, but rather to break it down into something so digestible, even my parents will get it.   

My name is Krigh Bachmann and welcome to Building on BIM 

Krigh Bachmann is the Leader of Digital Innovation for the international design and engineering practice DIALOG. Focused on the research and implementation of emerging technology in the AECO industry, his focus is on the ensuring that practice keeps up with the leading edge. Find out more about him or get in touch at KRIGH.com