Shared Coordinates: Because after all these years… I still don’t get it

Revit Shared Coordinates are essential for setting up a project’s real-world location and coordinating the alignment of models linked between consultants. With the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in the field, digital setting out of projects is becoming more prevalent—and getting the coordinates right is increasingly critical. However, a project’s setup is usually done only once at the beginning by one person, so there are few opportunities to learn it. This makes understanding and getting it right a bit of a dark art. Drawing on years of experience working with projects in the real world, this session will cover the theory of shared coordinates, reveal the system behind the curtain, and show the application with a real-world example. Whether you’re trying to get your model to report spot coordinates, or you just want to know how to align that structural model with yours because origin-to-origin isn’t working, this class will show you how it’s done right.

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